We did it! We had our first EVER rehearsal! We had so much fun meeting everyone and getting our feet a little wet in this awesome selection of music! We have such a variety of players- some that have kept their chops up, and some that haven’t touched an instrument in years, and we sounded great for a first rehearsal! If you have been sitting on the fence debating if you should join, debating if you are good enough, or if you’d be welcome- hesitate no longer! We invite you to come join us. If you’re interested in playing, head to the Join page on our site, but if you want to swing by a rehearsal to see if it’s something you’d be interested in, we have room for you to come listen. Come see what it’s like to be in a band again!
Click here to watch our first video on YouTube and listen for yourself!
Huge thank you to the Bridge Community Church for providing us a rehearsal space. We appreciate you more than you know!